Extended Part (Oprah)
Extended Part (Oprah)
Extended Part (Oprah)
Extended Part (Oprah)

Extended Part (Oprah)

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Janet Collection Synthetic Extended Deep Part Lace Wig - OPRAH

MATERIAL: Synthetic 
TYPE: Lace Part Wig 
LENGTH: Medium
HEAT SAFE: Yes up to 360°F 

  • Natural Look
  • Up-Do & Ponytail
  • Deep & Soft Parting
  • Soft & Easy Styling
  • Over 5 inches Deep Part
  • Hand Tied Lace Based Part
  • Swiss Lace Extremely Deep Part


      Care Instructions

      1. Always wash hair in cool water using mild shampoo and conditioner. Washing in hot water will damage fiber.
      2. Never scrub hair. Swish it gently from side to side and sunk it up and down.
      3. Use a towel and part hair dry. Never brush or comb when hair is wet. Never use blow dryer. If in a rush, use cold settings on the dryer.
      4. If necessary, de-tangle hair with a wide-toothed comb working from the bottom toward to top.
      5. If hair gets frizzy, use sheen spray then comb.
      6. You can resume styling once the hair is completely dry.
      7. Never comb or brush spiral curl or dreadlocks. Use fingers to comb gently.


      *Colors may vary slightly depending on monitor