Essence of Beauty’s Natural Vloggers Watch List: Short, Medium, and Long Hair Naturalistas to Watch

So you've done it. You've gone natural, and whether you big-chopped in one visit to your local barber or took the more patient path by transitioning from your relaxer… you're a proud, brave naturalista just the same. After the initial excitement wears off and your hands have grown accustomed to your unique curls and kinks, there is one universal question that most of us have asked ourselves: "So what next?" 

As a woman who has been natural for more than a decade, I have asked myself that question numerous times. Fortunately, as natural hair moves from a mere momentary trend to a widely-recognized lifestyle, there is no shortage of valuable information from vloggers to assist you at various stages of your natural hair journey. From relaxed to natural, and between all of the beautifully awkward transitions from short, medium, and long hair- there is a vlogger who is slaying the style game. 

To make the natural hair journey a little bit easier and a lot more fun, the Essence of Beauty team has compiled a list of natural hair vloggers whose tutorials are perfect for short, medium, and long natural hair. 


Short Natural Hair Vloggers to Watch 

Whether you’re a short natural by choice, or it's just your first step of a more “lengthy” hair journey, these three short-haired naturalistas offer great style tips and tutorials for short naturals.

AKA Roxxie  |  From short to long and back to short again, this beautiful, creative naturalista isn’t just bringing natural hair tips, but she adds beautiful pearls of wisdom to new and established naturals.


Gabrielle Elena  |  Although she’s no newbie to natural hair, she loves her short hair and opts to keep her natural cropped. Check her out to learn how to enhance curls and fall in love with your hair even at its shortest length.


Esther Nefertiti  | This straight-forward queen is rocking the TWA scene and sharing short, time-saving tutorials. Like her hair, her videos are of the shorter variety, yet they’re still packed with personality, a warm smile and an intriguing accent.


Medium Length Natural Hair Vloggers to Watch

Whether you’re a short natural by choice, or it's just your first step of a more “lengthy” hair journey, these three short-haired naturalistas offer great style tips and tutorials for short naturals.

Leslie Latrice  This vibrant naturalista brings equal parts energy, information and expertise. Leslie Latrice is a Captain in the U.S. Army and specializes in professional mid-length natural styles. This diverse channel is great for those seeking a wide range of style options for medium-length natural hair.


Courtney Lynn  |  When your natural hair hits medium length, protective styles become crucial. Courtney Lynn has no hang-ups about wigs, weaves, and extensions, and it is reflected in the health of her natural hair. Her informative videos are the answer for those naturalistas who like to preserve their natural hair and enjoy exploring other styles with the help of wigs and weaves.


TheGlovedNatural  Those wash days hit just a little different when you grow beyond your TWA. Check out this gorgeous naturalista as she slays her full medium length hair. Dive into her channel to learn more about the wide range of styling options for medium length hair. From silk presses to twist-outs and wash-n-gos, TheGlovedNatural has you covered.


Long Natural Hair Vloggers

Once you've reached this popular hair goal, the style options become more numerous, but the hair care regimen may become more vigorous. Check out these long natural hair vloggers for tips on growing, styling, and maintaining healthy long natural hair.

NaturalReign  | This sister is pretty, pierced, and practical. She offers practical tips and cuts through the myths of growing natural hair, and she does so with a smile and a wonderful sense of humor. Grab a notepad and your favorite detangling cream and head over to her channel as she spills the tea on natural hair growth.


EfikZara  |  Not only does she have a head full of hair, but EfikaZara also has a head full of natural hair knowledge. With beauty and grace, she confidently gives do’s & don’ts and backs them with science, not just opinion. Her channel is great for anyone who wants to cut through the plethora of misinformation regarding natural hair.


Maryam Hampton  |  Maryam is truly a natural hair veteran. A true naturalista, Maryam’s channel is packed with informative videos, DIY products and tonics that she has used to grow and manage her long tresses. Subscribe to her channel for natural hair DIYs and reviews on products from rice water to chebe powder.



The Essence of Beauty team believes that reliable resources, great products, and an attitude of self-love and acceptance are key essentials in helping our natural hair reach its fullest potential. We hope that you are able to utilize these short, medium, and long natural hair vloggers as your resources as you navigate your unique natural hair journey, and we invite you to check out the Essence of Beauty online shop for great quality products for your natural hair.

We hope you forever maintain an attitude of self-love and acceptance as you continually explore the Essence of Your Beauty. 






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