Story Time with Dr. J Episode 2

Nobody tells you how to survive as a black woman
So let me learn you a lesson”-excerpt from “Reyna’s Interlude”, Rapspdy
You, being me. I had to learn the lesson that I’d been preparing for my whole life. Oddly enough, it started with the top of my head: not what was in it, but what was on it. Tiny tight curls that grew from my scalp, the thing that I had seen before, but never paid much attention to. What was this to my identity? What deep secrets were being kept in the midst of those coils that grew so freely? Did it make me “blacker”? Nah.  Was I more enlightened? Not really. What, then, was the lesson?
This time, I was ready, remember? Ready. The stench of the breakup was off of me, my career was making a bit of a shift in the positive direction and there I was with a teeny weeny fro staring at the mirror, smiling back at my reflection. “Heyyy hair,” my go to saying when I see someone’s hair popping, “Heyyy hair, I missed you”. This time when I saw myself, I thought I was beautiful. I was unique. I wasn’t in a panic to make everything Pinterest perfect, nor did I slap globs of product on my hair hoping for a miracle. Those eight months of being relaxed and longing for my curls taught me a valuable lesson: I liked Jamelle. I liked her a lot. The revolution going on top of my head had sank way deep down to my heart. Missing my curls was like missing a part of me that I never knew I needed. Those curls, those tight coils allowed me to “be” in a state that was fully and unapologetically me. Imagine that: a black woman in a place of comfort just being herself, naturally. The 15% physical had completely influenced the 85% mental change. It was acceptance of myself from myself that put the last piece of the puzzle together. The work I didn’t think I was ready for was being done the whole time. 
“So let me learn you a lesson…
You are love, in its purest form, all unapologetic and unconditional
Always too compassionate, sometimes too forgiving
But never too afraid to show up
Black women, you are everything they knew you wouldn’t be” -excerpt from “Reyna’s Interlude”, Rapsody
See me next time with the conclusion of story time with Dr. J and see how she and Dreamville explain how “Self Love” is the best love.

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