Summa-Summa-Summertime Hair

   Ladies, summertime is right around the corner and what is the one decision we all have to make in this hot and humid season? Summertime hair! Regardless to your preference of twist outs and wash and gos or bone straight relaxers and short cuts with beautiful curls- nothing can survive the hell and damnation that the summer season reigns on our hairstyles.

    Protective styles have become an almost ritual for black women, naturals and relaxed alike during the summertime. Whether choosing from box braids, twists, crochets to sew-ins, we often use many of these options when giving  our hair the much needed “rest” from high manipulation. As women we also need hair options that can withstand the heat, sweat, pool visits and beach bum days that are ever present in the summer. So what style is the right style for you? Glad you asked! There are a few things we must consider before jumping into a protective style. I call them the ABC’s of protective styling -Adaptable , Budget-friendly, Care awareness.

  1. Is it adaptable enough for everyday wear?

          Can you wear it to work and happy hour? Is it fitting for what activities you’ll be participating in over the summer? If it’s high maintenance, can you provide the upkeep necessary for it to last? One of the worst things in the  hair world is to have a banging hairstyle that you can’t keep up or a hairstyle that’s great for the club but horrible for the office. Make sure your hair and your lifestyle are equally yoked.                       

  1. Does it fit into your budget?

          While protective styles are a must have during the summer, all styles are not priced equally. Don’t go broke on a hairstyle that is meant to be temporary! Do yourself a favor and shop around for the best price and quality combo for the ‘do you’re looking for. Remember, you still have to eat.

  1. Can you still care for your hair while in the protective style?

          All too often we get lost in the thought that we don’t have to do anything to our hair while it is in the protective style. WRONG! The quickest way to lose your hair is to not take care of it while it’s put up. Your hair will still need moisture (if your hair is color treated it may require more moisture than normal), your scalp will still need to be cleaned and properly moisturized and your edges need to be carefully considered while you are living your best summertime life. 

Now that we know our ABCs, we can start our sensational summer with a beautifully protected bang! (Pun intended )







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