Dr. J is a two-time naturalista who has a love for all things healthy.  Pharmacist by trade and healthy hair enthusiast by passion, Dr. J believes “everyone’s hair journey is different and you should enjoy it every step of the way”.  As a single, working mom, Dr. J knows the importance of finding what works for you and your lifestyle-she’s done it all. Braids to bobs, twist outs to press and curls, box perms and bog chops, salon nightmares to salon success. There’s not much she hasn’t experienced in her healthy hair journey.  A self-professed product junkie, she readily admits that routines and hairstyles have to sometimes change, but they don’t have to be difficult.  Dr. J brings a unique mix of medical expertise and practical hair care knowledge to Essence of Beauty’s page with a gift of making all things relatable.  You can expect to see everything from advice on protective styling to correct use of medicated shampoos and everything in between. 






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